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What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for how good Yarmouth Broadband is, see what our customers have to say about us;

  • “Yarmouth BB are streets ahead of any other provider who give no information at all about service disruption, and have no point of contract. Well done, one of your best selling points. Another of course is the better speed that you can provide over and above that available from BT” – S Hutchinson
  • “You have been the most helpful person I have ever dealt with” – P Bolt
  • “The performance and service we have received has been considerably better both than that I was promised and expected. I am very pleased” – P Blake
  • “You have gone way over and above anything anyone would expect from their broadband supplier.”
  • “Yarmouth Broadband has delivered an excellent service. They arrived when they said they would, and connected up the service quickly and efficiently. I had some problems early on which were due to the wiring at my end, but the guys were able to see what was happening and let me know what needed to be done. I no longer suffer from the problems at peak times that I had previously.” – D Henderson
  • “Yarmouth Broadband makes it possible for me to live in Yarmouth when my office is in London”
  • “Big thanks to Yarmouth Broadband for restoring peace & tranquillity back into my home – fantastic service!”
  • “We had Yarmouth Broadband installed earlier this year and as someone that works from home a lot it has been invaluable. We get extremely reliable & consistent 16MB download speeds and 1+MB upload speeds. Having moved over from the mainland only this year I expected to have to take a drop in speeds & service but instead it has been the complete reverse.

The service offered by the team at Yarmouth Broadband has also been outstanding from beginning to end. It was a huge bonus to be able to pick up the phone/drop an email to the correct people to get everything sorted initially without having to go through a large companies whereby everything seems to take forever to get done and that’s after you finally manage to get through their telephone systems!

In contrast, our order with Yarmouth Broadband was dealt with super efficiently from the offset. Initially by Bridget in the office who set up the simple contract and then a friendly, local expert was on hand to come round to set up the modem etc and to check that everything was in working order.

I can’t recommend this service highly enough!" – L White

  • “I appreciate the personal service. It’s easy to speak to people and get help.” – J Reed
  • " We are now able to to access far more information, services and content simultaneously than was previously possible."
  • “Switching to Yarmouth Broadband at home and for my business in the town, has enabled me to maximise my online business potential, with instant access to my websites at anytime of the day or night.
    My rapidly growing internet based businesses, serving both the UK & abroad, requires a reliable business partner; this Yarmouth Broadband provides.” – L Mitchell Business customer
  • “The people and staff involved in this service have always been professional courteous and very helpful”
  • “Our previous supplier only produced good figures when conditions were favorable – basically most of our neighbors needed to be out or asleep! During the evening speeds fluctuated wildly, often being a fraction, sometimes a small fraction of a Mb. This was the reason we decided to switch, Yarmouth Broadband, in stark contrast maintain the same speeds throughout the peak demand periods. This was promised when we enquired about joining – a claim I was suspicious about! Our download speeds are also greater than those promised! Upload speeds are about 2-3 times those from our previous provider.”

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